FOX Flatliter Mk2 System

FOX Flatliter Mk2 System

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FOX Flatliter Mk2 System

Following the huge success of the original Flatliter Bed & Bag System, which in many anglers eyes took bedchair design and comfort to its highest level ever, it was felt by many that the limit had been reached. However following an intensive development and testing process, we are now pleased to announce a new upgraded MK2 version of the Flatliter, that we firmly believe means that the best just got a whole lot better!

First thing that you will see is that the Flatliter is now available in two sizes - the standard, which is the same dimensions as the MK1 (214cm long by 87cm wide, min height 40cm, max height 50cm) and also a slightly smaller Compact model (200cm long by 80cm wide, max height 45cm, min height 35cm).

The Compact is the result of us being inundated with requests from anglers that simply didn't need such a big bed for short sessions under small shelters. In addition to adding a Compact to the range we have also implemented number of other key changes that add to the improved 'comfort factor'.
First up the supplied sleeping bag has changed dramatically, with a new improved hollow fill that not only aids warmth but is also softer and allows the bag to sculpt around your body, very much like your quilt at home would.

The lining of the bag has also been tweaked so that the top half is now fleece, which again aids warmth and also feels much softer against your body and face.
The bottom half remain polyester, which means you don't stick to the bag when you move around in the night. Another handy feature of the new bag design is a much larger, padded internal zip baffle, which ensures the warmth is kept inside and the cold kept outside.

The bag is rated as a 3-season. A further significant improvement is the way that this new bag attaches to the bed itself. Previously it attached to the underside of the bed with Velcro strips, however, we had reports from some users that they felt slightly too constricted within the bag, so we therefore changed the design so that the bag now zips to the size of the mattress. This means that there is much more 'give' in the bag giving you much more usable space inside.

We have also upgraded the mattress on the bed itself, so it is a firmer, high density foam that again makes the bed even more comfortable to lay on. As with the original Flatliter design the MK2's feature a flat frame to mimic the design of your bed at home.
They also feature the dual hinges that enable you to fold the bed up with the supplied sleeping bag still attached, and thanks to the new tension strap design (straps on both sides that go around the frame rather than over mattress) it is now possible to fold it far more compact than previously.

Further features that have continued from the original Flatliter include the single legs at both ends to aid stability whilst keeping weight to a minimum, and a lumbar support to prevent mattress sagging. Further features
- Twist-Lok leg adjustment
- Mud feet with pegging holes
- Heavy duty dual crash zips Weight 13.3kg
- Standard including sleeping bag 12.6kg
- Compact including sleeping bag FX Flatliter MK2 Bed & Bag System

- Hauptaußenmaterial 100% Polyester, Polsterung/Füllung 100% Polyester

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