Berkley Kayak Net, 42cm

Berkley Kayak Net, 42cm

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MSRP: 29,90 EUR
23,95 EUR incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs  

Berkley Kayak Net, 42cm

Rubber landing nets, The red anodized framework is strong, the rubber net material is flexible and strong , a hooks/trebles will never get stuck in it. The Retractable versions are compact when needed and long enough when retracted and ready to land your dream catch. All have Neoprene handles that provide the needed grip. The kayak/float tube version has an elastic handle cord integrated in the handle this way you can keep it fixed to your boat or belt and still have enough reach to land the fish.

UV stable Netting
Red anodized Aluminium Handles
Deep pockets
Heavy duty ring
Fish friendly Large mesh
Strong Eva Grip
42cm x 30x35cm x 28cm deep

% reduced % DAM Metal Priest De LuxeDAM Metal Priest De Luxe
Our old price: 13,50 EUR
special price: 7,45 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

DAM Metal Priest De Luxe

Model: 8433 001

% reduced % Zebco Priest 36cmZebco Priest 36cm
Our old price: 7,95 EUR
special price: 6,85 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Zebco Priest 36cm

Model: 6326001

MSRP: 4,30 EUR
3,85 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs


Model: RAPRCD2

Spro Landing net BasicSpro Landing net Basic
from 9,05 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Spro Landing net Basic


Spro Rubber Landing NetSpro Rubber Landing Net
from 27,65 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Spro Rubber Landing Net


Spro Folding landing netSpro Folding landing net
from 9,75 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Spro Folding landing net


Jenzi Landing net Deluxe 65x55cmJenzi Landing net Deluxe 65x55cm
MSRP: 57,00 EUR
39,75 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
Jenzi Landing net Deluxe 75x80cmJenzi Landing net Deluxe 75x80cm
MSRP: 49,50 EUR
33,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
Mitchell Pole Kit NetMitchell Pole Kit Net
MSRP: 29,90 EUR
23,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Mitchell Pole Kit Net

Model: 1378277

Mitchell Advanced Boat Landing NetMitchell Advanced Boat Landing Net
MSRP: 39,90 EUR
35,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
Greys Safe System NetGreys Safe System Net
from 34,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Greys Safe System Net

Model: GZ134-SSYKE

Greys Safe System Boat NetGreys Safe System Boat Net
from 47,45 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Greys Safe System Boat Net

Model: GZ134-SSYBO

Rapala Networks Telesc. Folding NetRapala Networks Telesc. Folding Net
MSRP: 34,95 EUR
29,45 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
% reduced % Rapala Networks Large Pro Guide NetRapala Networks Large Pro Guide Net
Our old price: 59,95 EUR
special price: 44,85 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

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