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BROWNING - Match Trolley II BROWNING - Match Trolley II available - Delivery: 1-2 working days  ** 8705002 Our old price: 84,95 EUR
special price: 71,45 EUR you save 13,50 EUR (15,90%) incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs  
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Browning offers every piece of equipment you need to sit comfortably at the water's edge.

Bad backs can now be a thing of the past with these new practical Browning trolleys. Strong enough to handle all of your equipment and so small when collapsed that it will easily fit in your car boot. Match Trolley (8705002) also supplied with high quality carrying bag.

Code                                         Model                       Size                     Weight
8705002                                   Match Trolley II            55 x 50 cm          6 kg

DAM MAD Transformer Car Go BarrowDAM MAD Transformer Car Go Barrow
MSRP: 159,95 EUR
142,85 EUR
incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs
DAM MAD Car Go BarrowDAM MAD Car Go Barrow
MSRP: 177,95 EUR
91,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

DAM MAD Car Go Barrow

Model: DA8472010

Spro C-Tec BarrowSpro C-Tec Barrow
84,75 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Spro C-Tec Barrow

Model: P6540001

Fox Explorer Barrow DeluxeFox Explorer Barrow Deluxe
MSRP: 239,99 EUR
198,75 EUR
incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs
Chub Outkast Easy Folding BarrowChub Outkast Easy Folding Barrow
MSRP: 199,90 EUR
135,65 EUR
incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs
Dega TrolleyDega Trolley
MSRP: 88,40 EUR
58,75 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Dega Trolley

Model: ZI-8819002

Pelzer XT TrolleyPelzer XT Trolley
77,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Pelzer XT Trolley

Model: 2D-H 110-003

Zebco Tackle CartZebco Tackle Cart
MSRP: 92,95 EUR
56,55 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Zebco Tackle Cart

Model: 8702002

Browning Cruiser TrolleyBrowning Cruiser Trolley
MSRP: 219,00 EUR
156,65 EUR
incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs

Browning Cruiser Trolley

Model: 8705007

Quantum Radical Carp Truck 1.54mQuantum Radical Carp Truck 1.54m
MSRP: 149,00 EUR
97,85 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
Fox Carp Camolite Barrow BagFox Carp Camolite Barrow Bag
MSRP: 124,99 EUR
93,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
JRC Cocoon Barrow BagJRC Cocoon Barrow Bag
from 72,65 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

JRC Cocoon Barrow Bag

Model: JZ137-CBABA

JRC Contact BarrowJRC Contact Barrow
MSRP: 129,90 EUR
97,75 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

JRC Contact Barrow

Model: 1377133

Chub Transporter BarrowChub Transporter Barrow
MSRP: 159,90 EUR
116,85 EUR
incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs

Chub Transporter Barrow

Model: 1325365

Pelzer Executive TrolleyPelzer Executive Trolley
176,85 EUR
incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs

Pelzer Executive Trolley

Model: 2D-H 110-002

Pelzer Multi TrolleyPelzer Multi Trolley
92,65 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Pelzer Multi Trolley

Model: 2D-H 110-001

JRC Easy Rider Extreme TrolleyJRC Easy Rider Extreme Trolley
MSRP: 299,90 EUR
198,15 EUR
incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs

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