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DAM MAD Transformer Car-Go Barrow

DAM MAD Transformer Car-Go Barrow

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DAM MAD Transformer Car-Go Barrow

DAM MAD Transformer Car-Go Barrow

This lean mean transportation machine is the big brother of our extremely popular Car-Go barrow. Thanks to the tips of many MAD fans out there, we became aware of the fact that we needed an even more robust version with a heavy duty frame and bigger heavy duty wheel. The MAD Transformer Barrow is equipped with a big tractor-like wheel with the enormous diameter of 45 cm and a dirt-buster profile of 12 mm high! Although we kept the basic design of the frame the same as the legendary Car-Go, we used reinforced steel to make it even stronger than it already was! Moreover, we added the innovative and unique Quick -transformer feature, which enables you to fold the barrow flat by just pushing the front bar forward with your foot! This way it can also be turned
into a flat barrow with the wheel positioned on the front, which enables you to manoeuvre a lot easier and quicker in times when you don't have so much luggage with you.

Size: 105 x 95 cm.
Transport: 75 x 90 x 30cm.
Weight: 17.8 kg.

- Multiple adjustable side- and front frame
- Quick -transformer feature
- Transformable in two barrow styles
- Heavy duty, oversized, all-terrain dirt-buster wheel
- Reinforced steel
- Special hold-all fixation frame design
- Adjustable legs with special mud feet
- Foldable for easy transportation

Before use, make sure that the air pressure in the tires is approx. 2 bar

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Model: 8472 010

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