Ehmanns Urian Catfish

Ehmanns Urian Catfish


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Ehmanns Urian 3.20m, 150-400g Ehmanns Urian 3.20m, 150-400g low stock - Delivery: 3-5 working days  ** EFU3 MSRP: 179,90 EUR
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Ehmanns Urian Catfish

Andreas Zimmermann and Jens Abendroth from Team Liquid River Production, Harry Stadlhuber and Nikola Bassasini, who caught 3 Catfish monsters between 100 and 146 kg together with our testfisher Markus Pott. They all fish and recommend EHMANNS fishing Urian catfish rods, because they are second to none in their action and in what you get for your money.

The EHMANNS fishing handmade-concept
As we use a completely different concept of rod building we are often asked why our rods are so different compared to other rods. To avoid confusion, we would like to comment these questions as follows:

For the first time - and as far as we know uniquely - we offer handmade rods at a very attractive price. As the name handmade implies there can be minor differences between rods of a series. This is one of the main differences compared to a machine-made rod. This whiff of individuality is new to many observers who are used to have a rod off-the-shelf!

One might think that the lacquering is only the finish of the rod. But it has several more important functions: It fixes the guide whippings, fills cavities in the whippings and conserves the blank and whippings. These requirements are met by specially designed two-component-epoxy-lacques like flexcoat, which are quite difficult to handle. They are applied manually in several layers, conserving everything underneath savely. For this reason the varnish looks thicker as you are used to. Single-component-products and machine-made finish were not taken into consideration, as these can hardly satisfy the criteria of the important secondary functions mentioned above. In our more than three month long tests none of our testrods had fissures usually caused by the immense torsion- and bending moments during castings and playing big fishes. This confirmed our decision to use flexcoat.

The partitioning of the rings is the key to optimise the performance of the blank. The chosen high quality rings which are underwrapped add some weight but will accentuate the rods power to play big fishes and casting and minimize the force on individual guides.

Tight Lines

Manfred Ehmanns

We took a lot of time to consider all factors of modern catfish fishing technologies when we developed these rod series. The ever growing fish and the multitude of methods to catch them demand for the right kind of rod. The highly densed carbon-fibre composite blank has a progressive parabolic action and an enormous spine to compensate the brute escapes and fell tailwhips of catfish and to tire it really quickly. The unostentatious design and the first class equipment are a real vision, making the urian rod-series a dead reliable companion. The 2,40 meter version is the perfect rod to fish from a boat. The back grip was kept short to improve handling of difficult drills right at the boat. The 2,85 m version was designed as an all-round rod to fish from a boat or from the shore (e.g. with buoy assemblies). The 3,20 m version ist the perfect rod to use buoy assemblies on great range. In all our products we emphasised on exact processing and first-class equipment. That is why the Urian is equiped with an original FUJI-DPSH heavy duty reel fitting to guarantee a save grip of multi- and stationary reels. This avoids a disrution of the rods action on heavy drills (stresses and strains up to the butt section), as often happens with metall reel fittings.

* Highly modulated by several tons densed carbon fibre composite blank
* Progressive, parabolic action down to the butt section.
* Colour of Blank: Dark Burgundry Red
* Handmade
* High quality China-SIC Guidings, similar to NSG
* High quality Tip Ring with Overlap
* All guide whippings are underwinded and several times epoxy coated
* Usuable for stationäry and multiplier reels
* Original FUJI-DPSH Heavy Duty Reel Fitting
* Finest EVA handles with EVA Butt Cap
* Guidings and Winding Cheques in Gunsmoke-Design
* Put-Over-Joints
* Long Fronthandle - 23 cm (for both handed playing ability)
* Casting weight: 150 - 400 g
* Parts: 2

Model                                            Code
EHMANNS fishing Urian 3.20 m      EFU3
EHMANNS fishing Urian 2.85 m      EFU2
EHMANNS fishing Urian 2.40 m      EFU1

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Model: ZI-1442300

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