Flying Fischerman MasterAngler Navigator

Flying Fischerman MasterAngler Navigator

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Flying Fischerman MasterAngler Navigator

Flying Fischerman - Navigator Master Angler Rhino Lens Polarized Sunglasses

Virtually Indestructible Polarized Polycarbonate RhinoLenses(TM)

The Flying Fisherman AcuTint(TM) RhinoLens(TM) is virtually shatterproof,
and offers maximum protection from UVA andRhino Logo UVB rays.
Although not a substitute for safety eyewear, they're 35 times
stronger than glass or CR-39, and will better protect your eyes
from flying lures, sinkers, hooks and more. During field testing,
the Flying Fisherman® RhinoLens(TM) withstood being struck by a 10 oz.
hammer more than 100 times, while CR-39 and glass lenses shattered
after being lightly struck once.

    * AcuTint(TM)Polarized SunLens Options
    * Maximum UV Protection
    * 35 Times Stronger Than Glasses or CR39Rhino Lens
    * Lightweight and Scratch Resistant
    * Comes with Micro Fiber Case that Doubles as a Cleaning Cloth

The Quality Alternative to Expensive Eyewear

Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are designed to provide quality,
affordable polarized eyewear. More than 45 frame styles and
a variety of AcuTint(TM) Sunlens options make up the collection
from classic, traditional models to sleek wrap-around designs
and mirrored lens treatments, Flying Fisherman sunglasses are
both stylish and fully functional and offer uncompromising
performance and value.

Polarization and UV Protection

Glare is caused by light waves reflected off surfaces like water,
sand, snow and pavement. Flying Fisherman AcuTint(TM) lenses have a
polarizing filter to absorb horizontal glare with minimal color
distortion, enhance depth and clarity, and reduce eye fatigue.
They provide maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays, and meet
or exceed FDA, ANSI and European (CE) standards for general
purpose eyewear.

AcuTint(TM) Sunlenses

Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are offered in three durable lens materials.

    * Good: Action Angler Hard Coated Polarized Triacetate (TAC)
    * Better: Master Angler Series/ Virtually Indestructable
      Polarized Polycarbonate (PC)
    * Best: Master Angler Ground and Polished Polarized Glass (GP)

What colour is the best ?
  • Smoke - A gray tint best for bright, sunny conditions like fishing deep water, lakes and offshore. The most natural lens color that doesn't distort colors.
  •  Amber - A comfortable brown tint that's excellent for shallow water fishing, bright sun and overcast conditions. Enhances depth perception.
  • Yellow-Amber - Great for extremely flat or low light conditions like early morning or late evening. Sharpens visual acuity and increases contrast.
  • Vermillion - A copper/rose lens tint favored for sight fishing, muddy water and very low light conditions. Maximum sharpness and color definition
  • Green Mirror - Our amber lens with a multi-layered, green mirror coating that reflects glare away from the eyes. Works well in either bright sun or low light.
  • Blue Mirror - Our smoke lens with a multi-layered, blue mirror coating that adds a stylish look and extra glare reflection. Best for bright sunny conditions.
  • Red/GoldMirror - Our vermillion lens with a multi-layered, golden red mirrorcoating that adds style and extra glare reflection. Excellent for lowlight conditions

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