F+M Turky Tail Feathers

F+M Turky Tail Feathers


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F+M Turky Tail Feathers

F+M Turky Tail Feathers

Turkey Tail feathers are used for big streamer wings (muddlers) or for extraordinary
sedgewings. These feathers are sought after; we can offer them in two different grades.

1. Choice: Intact feathers, very small damages at the tip are possible.

2. Choice: The tip of the feather has damages; small damages on the sides
are possible. At least 80% of the feather can be used for flytying.
F+M Partridge Skin, 1 pc.F+M Partridge Skin, 1 pc.
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F+M Partridge Skin, 1 pc.

Model: 5341601

F+M CDC PuffsF+M  CDC Puffs
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F+M CDC Puffs

Model: 59771

F+M CDC Selected - 50 pcs.F+M  CDC  Selected - 50 pcs.
from 4,90 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

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