Fox Digital Scales - 60Kg, 132lb

Fox Digital Scales - 60Kg, 132lb

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MSRP: 104,99 EUR
99,95 EUR incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs  

Fox Digital Scales - 60Kg, 132lb

Following huge demand we are now able to offer these new and improved Digital Weighing Scales that are capable of weighing the largest of carp. Featuring a compact design they are extremely user friendly and couldnt be easier to use... - Features on/off button to ensure maximum battery life
- Independently sealed electronics
- Simple zero button (0.00) which you press once you have attached your wet weigh sling
- Simply press the kg/lb button to select between kilograms or pounds
- Backlit screen for easy use in the dark
- Metal loop on top for use with a weigh bar or crook, or simply use your thumb for small fish
- Large weighing hook so easy to place weigh sling on it
- Low battery indicator
- Weighs up to 60kg (132lb) in 1oz increments
- Supplied with protective PU hard case
- Takes 2 x AA batteries

Inhalt: 1 pcs.

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incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

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