FOX FX Cooler Bag

FOX FX Cooler Bag

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MSRP: 119,99 EUR
109,95 EUR incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs  

FOX FX Cooler Bag

Dimensions = D 30cm x W 57cm x H 41cm.
If you thought all cooler bags were essentially the same then you haven't taken a close look at the FX range. For example, the thermal insulation on the main compartment and all of the pockets is extended to form a baffl e which prevents heat loss through the zips and the top pocket is supplied with two bait boxes which are perfect for storage of maggots or groundbait for sticks and mixes.

As it is FX you can also expect the same high quality features of the rest of the range, it is size-compatible with the other FX cooler bags and, of course, there is an easy clean interior to ensure it remains pristine.
o Moulded base
o Thermally lined main compartment with a thermal zip baffle to prevent heat loss
o Two thermally lined side pockets with thermal zip baffles
o Top pocket is thermally lined with a zip baffle and is supplied with two moulded bait storage tubs: one with a perforated lid for maggots, the other with a solid lid for groundbait, sticks or PVA bags etc.
o Thermally lined wipe clean main compartment
o Main compartment is designed to house FX XLarge and Large Cooler bags (CLU217 and CLU218) which are available separately.
o Two EVA grab handles and removable shoulder strap with 3D moulding.

Material: 100% Nylon

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Carp Spirit Cooler BagCarp Spirit Cooler Bag
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Carp Spirit Cooler Bag

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19,65 EUR
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Model: 1D-F 920-012

Fox Camolite Low Level CoolBagFox Camolite Low Level CoolBag
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109,95 EUR
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Fox Carp Camolite CoolbagFox Carp Camolite Coolbag
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Fox Carp Camolite Coolbag


FOX Royale Cooler BagFOX Royale Cooler Bag
MSRP: 57,99 EUR
52,95 EUR
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FOX Royale Cooler Bag

Model: CLU190

JRC Contact Cooler BagJRC Contact Cooler Bag
from 29,95 EUR
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JRC Contact Cooler Bag

Model: JRC-12763

DAM Effzett Cooler BagDAM Effzett Cooler Bag
MSRP: 45,80 EUR
23,65 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

DAM Effzett Cooler Bag

Model: 8349 002

FOX FX Cooler Bag XLargeFOX FX Cooler Bag XLarge
MSRP: 37,99 EUR
35,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

FOX FX Cooler Bag XLarge

Model: CLU218

MSRP: 33,99 EUR
31,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs


Model: CLU217

MSRP: 59,80 EUR
29,85 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs


Model: 8350 003

% reduced % Shimano - Hyperfishing CoolerbagShimano - Hyperfishing Coolerbag
Our old price: 121,95 EUR
special price: 82,25 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

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