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Fox Micron M+

Fox Micron M+

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Fox Micron M+

With this amazing new technology developed for the ground-breaking N Series of alarms now at our disposal, it was only right to further improve some of our biggest-selling ranges of alarms. The Micron M+ is the first to benefit from a whole host of new features. Immediately you'll notice its classic Fox Micron look, with a raised 5mm red LED. It's powered by 2 x AAA batteries, which coupled with new internal circuitry, offers an extra long battery life. It has an indexed front volume adjustment knob that's easy to use. The M+ has a piezo speaker for clear audible indication of a run, with robust rubber inlays in the 'ears' to prevent rod slippage. There are also 2 outputs: one for power out, and one for transmitter out. This has to be one of the best alarms for the money ever! Features
- 2 x AAA batteries
- Red 5mm LED
- Indexed pot volume adjustment knob
- 2 x outputs: 1 x power out. 1 x transmitter out
- Raw plastic finish (ABS)
- Piezo speaker for clear sound
- Brass threaded stud
- Nylon thread cap
- Hardcase
- Rubber ear inlays

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17,75 EUR
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Pelzer XT Plus Bite Alarm

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19,95 EUR
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18,05 EUR
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Zebco Cosmos Bite AlarmZebco Cosmos Bite Alarm
11,95 EUR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Zebco Cosmos Bite Alarm

Model: 6804001

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