FOX  Micron NTX Receiver

FOX Micron NTX Receiver

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FOX Micron NTX Receiver

FOX  Micron NTX Receiver

Signal range is one of the most important qualities with a receiver. That's why we selected the best technology available and then refined it further during extensive testing. This ensured the NTX Receiver has the best signal range we have ever seen. eclipsing anything that has gone before it!The NTX Receiver
design has also been geared around ease-of-use with a single on/off and Volume dial and four front and top LEDs. Other key features include a waterproof Cone Speaker to produce the crispest sound possible, extra-long battery life thanks to its 3 x AA High Capacity Rechargeable batteries supplied and
ergonomic design coupled with its silicone sleeve (included)

>Auto-Sync Top and Front LEDs
> High Quality Cone Speaker
> On-off Volume Dial Switch
> Vibration Feature
> Powered by 3 x AA batteries

Package includes: 3 x AA rechargeable batteries, rubber stand, silicone protective sleeve, Fox lanyard, AC harger and car lighter charger.

When used with the silicone sleeve, the NTX Receiver slides onto your belt. The top LED makes it easy to see which alarm has been activated when
looking down.

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