Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g

Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g

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MSRP: 94,99 EUR
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Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g

Jerkbait fishing requires a very special rod to present the lure correctly. Our Ultron 2 Jerk has the right level of stiffness to ensure that plenty of action can be imparted into the lure. Despite the increased stiffness of the blank, the Jerk still remains extremely lightweight and sensitive enough to detect bites easily.
There is one model in the range and it is capable of casting some of largest jerkbaits available. It comes fitted with a Fuji reel and black EVA and rubber cork handle, with the Fox logo built into the handle.
- Designed for working large jerkbaits
- Stiff tip helps to bring jerkbaits to life
- Powerful backbone for extracting large predators
- High quality 24ton carbon construction
- SIC Slim guides
- Black EVA and Rubber Cork handle
- Fuji reel seat

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loading... Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g Fox Rage Ultron 2 Jerk 1.80m - 30-80g