I Bobber Fish & Featchers Finder

I Bobber Fish & Featchers Finder

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I Bobber Fish & Featchers Finder

I Bobber

Love at first cast. The fishfinder that syncs with your smart phone or tablet.

From your first cast, there's a lot to love about iBobber(TM).

You'll love that it syncs via Bluetooth Smart® with your iPhone or iPad or phone or tablet for Android(TM) up to 100' away, so you have a fishfinder that's as mobile as you are.

iBobber uses sophisticated sonar to locate fish down to 135', with 2 fish sizes, while the intuitive app enables you to GPS tag favorite hotspots, map waterbed contours, and measures water temperature.

And you'll love that you can save details of all your fishing adventures with the Trip Log, and share it all on social media. You'll also love the Lunar Calendar, Fish and Strike Alarm, LED Beacon, Weather sync, and stunning graphics.

The love gets even deeper when you see how simple iBobber is to use. One cast and you'll be hooked. Fish with it and you'll have great stories to tell. A love story, too. Get the free iPhone app. Or free Android app.


Fishing is fun. Finding fish is more fun.

iBobber is for anyone who loves to find fish, and wants to catch more of them.
Just cast it and Ping! iBobber syncs via Bluetooth Smart and shows you where
the fish are.

iBobber is simple to use, easy to charge, and can help make fishing more fun
than it's ever been. Even if you have a boat-mounted fishfinder, iBobber can free
you from seeing fish only under your boat.  And finding more fish is always a lot
more fun than just fishing. Get the free iPhone app or free Android app.

iBobber Specifications:

    Sonar: Single Beam, 90° , 118kHz
    Sonar Depth: 3 to 135ft / 41m
    Waterbed Mapping: Up to 100'
    Tagging: Identify fish by size
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth Smart v4.0 - Up to 100ft / 30m
    H20 Temp
    Lunar Calendar: Month & Day, Moon & Sun rise / set
    Fish Alarm
    Weather: Temp, Rain, Wind & Barometer
    LED Beacon: Remote On / Off - For Night / Low light fishing
    Strike Alarm (Vibrating): On / Off / Adjustable
    Battery Status
    Trip Log: Date, Time, Location, Title, Conditions, Type of Fishing, Lure, # of fish caught / species, Map
    Included: iBobber, USB Charger, Carry Pouch, Instructions, App Redemption



The concept for iBobber began in the Spring of 2012 with a very simple question that Alex, our CEO, asked of himself when he was trying to catch bass with his father-in-law. Fishing from the back of the boat, Alex looked longingly at Jim's boat-mounted fish finder that was mounted too far forward to see the screen clearly. And Alex wondered, "why can't I have a fishfinder connected to my iPhone (or Android), then I can see it anywhere I'm on the boat? Or from shore, or a pier, or a kayak, or from a friend's boat?!" And so iBobber was born.

As you get to know us, you'll find that ReelSonar is a company not only created by guys who love to fish, but that we're dedicated to helping all anglers, amateur to professional, young to old, bait lovers and lure aficionados, find more fish so they can catch more fish.

Bottom line-- we love fishing and want to do everything we can to make fishing the most fun it can be for everyone. Get your own iBobber at one of our Retailers, and get the free iPhone app or free app for Android.
How to Use the iBobber: Syncing with a Smartphone

August 28, 2015

We're continuing with our first-hand iBobber tutorial this week! Last time we learned how to charge the iBobber and play with some of its basic setup functions. Now we're going to take it to the lake to sync it with an iPhone and see how the sonar and mapping functions work. The Setting: I gave my iBobber its first test run at Tims Ford State Park in middle Tennessee on Tims Ford Lake. We picked a time in late afternoon to make sure no gawkers would wonder why I was casting a bobber with no lure attached, and the air temperature was a pleasant high-70s. For convenience, we parked at the marina and hopped across the parking lot to this cove off...

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How to Use the iBobber: First Impressions

August 14, 2015

If you've followed our Facebook page and website, you've probably seen our tutorial videos or read your user manual for your iBobber. Now we want to bring you some first-person user testimonials, so for the next few weeks, we're launching a new series of blog posts that will cover every aspect of using an iBobber, from un-boxing your unit to syncing with the app and, of course, catching fish. We wanted a good test subject for this experiment, one who has never used an iBobber, to demonstrate just how user-friendly this little gadget is. So first, let's meet our iBobber tester and blogger: Meet the Blogger: "Hi! My name is Carly, and I'm an outdoor writer, blogger, and avid angler. I've been...

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Two more iBobber interviews since ICAST!

August 05, 2015

The iBobber team here at ReelSonar had a great time showing off the iBobber at ICAST/IFTD 2015. Since we got back from the show, we've been getting more requests for interviews and video editorial, and we wanted to share the latest ones with you. First, check out this video from Winston Chester and the Panhandle Outdoors team, where Jim Carillo explains the features of the iBobber. If you want to skip straight to the iBobber interview, then go to the 14:24 mark. Thanks to Panhandle Outdoors for the excellent editorial! Feel free to subscribe to their channel, especially if you're a Florida native. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=882&v=UwU8zwUVdtk This next interview is audio-only on ESPN's Podcenter, "Chauncey's Great Outdoors." Skip ahead to the 30-minute mark if...

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