Imax FR Day Quiver (140x15x10cm)

Imax FR Day Quiver (140x15x10cm)

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MSRP: 49,90 EUR
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Imax FR Day Quiver (140x15x10cm)

A half size version of the Competition quiver designed for the angler who does not need as much equipment, this quiver will hold upto 4 rods internally and has pockets and straps on the outside which can hold a shelter and tripod. Featuring the new fully adjustable strap and dual handles this holdall will always carry balanced.

Fully padded quiver carries upto 4 rods internally
Fully adjustable shoulder strap and dual carry handles
2 Adjustable retaining straps
¾ length zip for easy loading
Toughned waterproof base for durability
Reflective logos
Material: 100% Polyester

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loading... Imax FR Day Quiver (140x15x10cm) Imax FR Day Quiver (140x15x10cm) Imax FR Day Quiver (140x15x10cm) Imax FR Day Quiver (140x15x10cm)