JRC Radar DS3 Receiver

JRC Radar DS3 Receiver

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JRC Radar DS3 Receiver

With the expert help of a team of international top carp anglers we have created bite indicators that offer unmatched reliability as well as numerous features that take carp fishing to a whole new level.The JRC Radar alarms are setting new standards in bite indicators that will be difficult to match. The DS3 alarms and receiver are available as a separate item, as well as in a practical 3 + 1 set.

- Designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured in Europe
- Ultra bright multi-color LED´s that can operate in 6 colors: blue, green, red, orange, purple, yellow
- Light intensity regulation system that enables the angler to easily set the desired brightness of the LED´s
- Smart travelling LED indication; the lights go on from bottom to top when line is taken from the reel. They travel from top to bottom to indicate the line is going in the opposite direction (carp is swimming your way)
- 30 second afterglow memory function indicating forwards or backwards take
- Manually controlled night light function
- Step-less volume regulation
- Step-less tone regulation
- Precision regulation of sensitivity. The amount of line that needs to be pulled before the bite is indicated can be set at approx. 3,5mm to 15cm
- Extreme clever Lighthouse function that serves as a beacon to find your spot back during nocturnal activities on the water
- Housing is made out of strong ABS material with a water repellent surface
- Soft anti-slip rod rest
- Double sealed electronic parts make the indicators all-weather proof
- Low-battery warning signal
- Power out sockets to connect LED swing indicators and / or other accessories
- Integrated Stealth-mode that switches off all sound
- Super long battery-life thanks to the special energy saving construction
- Operates on 2 3V LR1 Batteries (Included!)
- Comes with a soft but durable silicon protection cover for each bite indicator
- 6 channel DS3 receiver (DS3r) with vibration function and practical lanyard
- The DS3r can be paired with the intelligent bivvy light (1294333) or bank light(1294334)

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