Shimano JDM Game Type Slow Jigging 1.73m - 300g

Shimano JDM Game Type Slow Jigging 1.73m - 300g

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Shimano JDM Game Type Slow Jigging 1.73m - 300g

GAME TYPE SJ (Slow Jigging)
This is the state-of-the-art jigging technique that has been spreading in Japan and now all around the world, elevating the game of jigging to another dimension. Slow pitch jigging is not slow reeling. It is a continuous
sequence of stop and go pitches. It's basically one pitch per second. That tempo is very slow compared to the conventional style of jigging and has three main variations that can be combined: Slow Pitch Jerk, Hi Pitch Jerk,
Long Fall Jerk.This technique is usually done using a baitcasting or multiplier reel. It has the advantage to know exactly when your lure has hit the bottom, which controls your depth more easily and enhances the direct contact with your line. If you are expecting very large sh choose a reel like the Ocea Jigger, without a level wind. However level wind reels like the Ocea Calcutta can work perfectly when targeting smaller sh with a Light Slow Jigging rod.
- Spiral X construction
- Hi-Power X construction
- Fuji guides (stainless and titanium)
- Custom designed reel seats
- EVA handle

The new Game Type J S586 is a superb addition to the Game Type range and is designed for casting jigs and lures up to 300g. Fitted with a conventional reel seat, this model is designed for use with Shimano SW spinning reels and
enables the angler to cast away from the boat, as opposed to shing vertically. Fitted with Fuji K type anti-tangle guides, the shorter 1.73 metre length provides excellent casting accuracy and sh playing control.This model o ers excellent versatility and can also be used for twitching and jerking large lures and poppers to sh feeding on or just below the surface.

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