Shimano Nexave Winkle Picker CX, 40g

Shimano Nexave Winkle Picker CX, 40g


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96,95 EUR incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs  

Shimano Nexave Winkle Picker CX, 40g

Shimano Nexave Winkle Picker CX, 40g

The Nexave CX Winkle Picker combines a stunning blue XT40/60 carbon blank with a classic winkle picker action. Available in two lengths (2.4m and 2.7m), both with a casting weight of up to 40g, the Nexave is fitted with quality Hardlite guides and supplied with two sensitive tips. The blue graphics perfectly match the Nexave reels for a colour coded set-up.

Model                   Länge                Transport          Gewicht      Teile          Wurfgewicht
                             Length                                        Weight       Sections     Casting Weight
                             Longueur                                     Poids                           Puissance
NEXCXWP240       2.40m             1.10m              141g             2                   40g
NEXCXWP270       2.70m             1.15m              164g             2                   40g

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