WFT  Penzill Nano Cast

WFT Penzill Nano Cast


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WFT  Penzill Nano Cast 1.82m, 2.5-7g WFT Penzill Nano Cast 1.82m, 2.5-7g Product out of stock  ** 1D-B 311-180 163,95 EUR incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs  
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WFT Penzill Nano Cast

The WFT Penzill NANO.
Extremely fast and lightweight rods, styled for Japanese spin fishing with light wobblers and "rubber" baits (perfect for twitching).
Extremely sensitive, these rods indicate even the most tentative bites - nothing will escape your attention!
These rods are made of 100% High Modulus NANO carbon, with a weight next to nothing, however will take every fish ... and they are the best WFT PENZILL ever.
Available for both spin and baitcasting reels.

WFT PENZILL NANO BAITCAST RODS, with outstanding action, these are perfect rods for lightweight artificial baits.
Ideal as a combination with the WFT PENZILL baitcasting reels or the new RYOBI NCRT SLAM.

The first WFT carbon fibre rods with NANO Matrix.
The NANO Matrix, in principle, is a high tech resin, affording to reduce the static strained parts of resin by around 40%.
The vibration behaviour of the 46tons carbon fibres are substantially less, meaning the action of the rods give you a much more accurate cast.
Complete with WFT Penzill components such as WFT ERGO GRIP, Titan SIC rings, Japanese carbon fibre material (46T), Fuji reel seat.

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