C&F Midge Biot pince (CFT-120-V-Midge)

C&F Midge Biot pince (CFT-120-V-Midge)

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C&F Midge Biot pince (CFT-120-V-Midge)



Designed to wind flat materials such as goose/turkey biot smoothly with the head twisted 9 degrees from our standard Hackle Pliers
The head has a sight flare at the nose to minimize the risk of cutting materials
The gripping surface inside is sandblasted to prevent slippage
The shock-absorbing elastomer joint and rubber o-ring gives you a good touch and tension

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148,75 EUR
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Penn Rampage II Uptide, 3.00m, 70-300g

Numéro du produit: 1374161

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Numéro du produit: 1377100

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