Loon Strike Two Orange

Loon Strike Two Orange

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Loon Strike Two Orange


Synthetic glo-yarn strike indicator pre-treated with Hydrostop to keep them visible atop the water, floating forever. Bigger yarn for bigger flies or weaker eyes. (15cm 1/4" diameter)
1/4" yarn indicator
Treated with Hydrostop for extra flotation
Cut to your own desired length
Excellent sensitivity for subtle takes

Directions for use:
Feed Strike Two through hole in container lid. Cut desired amount. Tie Strike Two to leader at desired depth. After fishing, remove Strike Two and return to container

Scientific Anglers - Backing 3000 ydScientific Anglers - Backing 3000 yd
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incl. 19% T.V.A. incl. Expédition
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Numéro du produit: SCFS-DDJCY3

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Numéro du produit: 30053

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