Simms Dry Creek Z Duffle Dark Gunmetal

Simms Dry Creek Z Duffle Dark Gunmetal

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Simms Dry Creek Z Duffle Dark Gunmetal

Dry gear, meet space
Whatever your travels entail, Simms' Dry Creek(TM) Z Duffel provides judicious solutions for gear that needs to get there. Radio-frequency welds bond fabrics at their surface, creating rugged seams that maintain integrity through nuclear conditions, while waterproof TZIP zippers deliver the ultimate in airtight, stay-dry stowage. Available in two sizes--medium and large--these bags have ample capacity for weekend to weeklong fishing missions. Additional features include a comfy shoulder strap and ergonomic handle, adjustable cinch straps for compression and secure storage, and advantageous Hypalon strap attachment points for lashing extras to the exterior.

Fully waterproof welded constuction with submerisible TIZIP® zipper to give you full access to your gear
Interior stretch mesh storage pockets, exterior lash points for built-in travel convenience
Bomber 840 D TPU Fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and punctures
Carry handles are fitted to function as backpack straps

FABRIC TECH: Waterproof TPU coated fabrics
CAPACITY: 85 L, 5187.02 cu. in.
DIMENSIONS: 27" x 17" x 13"
SIZES: One Size

TAGS:Fishing Duffel,Fishing Bag

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Numéro du produit: MEDIUMLEIC-DO

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Numéro du produit: 10932-064-00

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Numéro du produit: 1326113

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incl. 19% T.V.A. plus Expédition

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Numéro du produit: 1325814

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Numéro du produit: AWB3100030

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Numéro du produit: AWB21-SIMWA

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Numéro du produit: ALP1109900

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Numéro du produit: 10905-033-00

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incl. 19% T.V.A. plus Expédition

Simms Zip-In Waterproof Wader Pocket

Numéro du produit: 10886-042-00

Simms Waterproof Tech Pouch GunmetalSimms Waterproof Tech Pouch Gunmetal
29,95 EUR
incl. 19% T.V.A. plus Expédition

Simms Waterproof Tech Pouch Gunmetal

Numéro du produit: 10855-042-00

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Numéro du produit: 10170-20-SIMWA

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Numéro du produit: 10111-200-00

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incl. 19% T.V.A. incl. Expédition

Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack Charcoal

Numéro du produit: 10884-011-00

Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack CharcoalSimms Dry Creek Z Backpack Charcoal
299,00 EUR
incl. 19% T.V.A. incl. Expédition

Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack Charcoal

Numéro du produit: 10883-011-00

Simms Headwaters Tackle Bag CharcoalSimms Headwaters Tackle Bag Charcoal
199,00 EUR
incl. 19% T.V.A. incl. Expédition

Simms Headwaters Tackle Bag Charcoal

Numéro du produit: 10857-011-00

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