Simms Revivex Spray Water Repellant 300ml

Simms Revivex Spray Water Repellant 300ml

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Simms Revivex Spray Water Repellant 300ml

Our new ReviveX® formula is better than the last; it is better for the environment, delivers unmatched performance and is more convenient to use. It's been through rigorous testing in the Pacific Northwest, and it met our standards.Revitalizes the surface water resistance of GORE-TEX® waders and outerwear.

DWR with superior abrasion resistance that also repels oils and stains
Better for the environment - PFOA & PFOS free
Use on GORE-TEX® fabric, eVENT®, NeoShell® and all other technical outerwear and soft-shells
Retreat entire garment, or target high-wear areas mid-season
Restores water repellency without affecting breathability
Just wash, spray and tumble dry
Water-based and odor-free environmentally friendly formula
5 ounce spray bottle
Made in USA


Proudly made in the United States of America. Click here to see more of Simms USA-made products.

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