SPRO Competition Team Breathable Thermo 2PC Suit

SPRO Competition Team Breathable Thermo 2PC Suit


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SPRO Competition Team Thermo 2PC Suit M SPRO Competition Team Thermo 2PC Suit M disponible - Livraison: 1-2 jours de travail  ** 7064100 169,95 EUR incl. 19% T.V.A. incl. Expédition  
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SPRO Competition Team Breathable Thermo 2PC Suit

SPRO Competition Team Breathable Thermo 2PC Suit


The Competition Team Thermo Suit ffers an optimal comfort during competitions and for the allround angler. The polyester materials used are of highest quality and are 100% waterproof (3,000mm H O/24Hrs), thereby breathable and extremely subtle. Featuring large pockets on the dungarees and ¾ jacket. Long zippers in the trousers make it easier to put boots on and off . Neoprene cuffs, adjustable belt and a padded neck make the suit complete.


Matière:  100% Nylon 
Doublure: 100% Nylon


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7064100        M
7064200        L
7064300       XL
7064400       2XL
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