QUANTUM Cabo Spin 2.40m

QUANTUM Cabo Spin 2.40m


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QUANTUM Cabo Spin, 2.40m, 75-150g QUANTUM Cabo Spin, 2.40m, 75-150g next stock:  next stock: 11/01/2016 ** 13901240 MSRP: 239,00 EUR
203,95 EUR incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs  
QUANTUM Cabo Spin, 2.40m, 125-250g QUANTUM Cabo Spin, 2.40m, 125-250g available - Delivery: 3-5 working days  ** 13901241 MSRP: 259,00 EUR
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QUANTUM Cabo Spin 2.40m

Dozens of seagulls screech above the sea. Thousands of panicking sardines jump out of the water, which seems to be literally boiling. Pure adrenaline! Tuna feed in an insatiable frenzy. In recent years, the Mediterranean has provided this spectacle with increasing frequency, making spinning for hunting tuna one of the most popular angling techniques. These new Blu-Water sea spinning rods have been pushed to the limits in endless rounds of testing. The results are simply fantastic. The extremely powerful high-modulus carbon blanks are reliable partners for breaking the resistance of tuna. At the same time, however, the top section is sufficiently progressive to punch out stickbaits and hard lures effortlessly over long distances.

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