SAVAGE GEAR Side Cutter Pliers

SAVAGE GEAR Side Cutter Pliers

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SAVAGE GEAR Side Cutter Pliers

SAVAGE GEAR Side Cutter Pliers

Side cutter pliers - unique braid stay sharp cutter design.
o Machine cut high grade aluminium.
o Side cutter - Stay sharp tungsten braid and mono cutter
o Stainless steel split ring nose
o Hidden stainless steel spring
o Belt carry pouch - with zinger.

We have made the best fishing pliers and tools you can imagine - machine cut high grade aluminium, stainless steel fittings and superior tungsten cutter jaws. The pliers will set new standards for fishing tools in future. The Side cutter pliers is a very versatile fishing tool.

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FOX Edges Marker Elastic, 20m, redFOX Edges Marker Elastic, 20m, red
6,25 EUR
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Grundpreis: 0,31 EUR / m

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