Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack Greystone

Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack Greystone

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Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack Greystone

Wade deeper with roll-top waterproof performance
Light, agile, and brimming with stay-dry storage solutions, Simms' waterproof Dry Creek(TM) Hip Pack is a minimalists' go-to with maximized potential. Built from rugged and waterproof TPU coated fabrics, with a roll-top closure, the pack rides comfortably thanks to high loft, closed-cell foam back panels and a cushioned non-absorbent waistband. Fishing features include retractor docking stations for tools and tippet spools, a fast-drying front wet-storage compartment with laser-cut porting, and loop Velcro® patches ready for flies and add-on Simms accessories.

Highly durable and fully waterproof TPU coated fabrics with a submersible roll-top closure
High loft, closed-cell foam back panel and waistband are non-water absorbent and fully cushioned
Front wet storage compartment includes laser-cut holes for quick drainage
Retractor docking stations and loop Velcro patch for flies and Simms accessories

FABRIC TECH: : Waterproof TPU coated fabrics
CAPACITY: : 10 L, 610.23 cu. in.
DIMENSIONS:: 12" x 5.5" x 15"

TAGS:Dry Creek (TM) Hip Pack,Fishing Packs

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