Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack Charcoal

Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack Charcoal

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Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack Charcoal

Stay-dry solutions for ample gear on the go
March your can't-get-wet gear into saturated riverscapes and fear no drip thanks to the lightweight, water-bucking achievements of Simms' Dry Creek(TM) Z Hip Pack. Powered by TPU-coated fabrics, waterproof/airtight TIZIP zippers, and brick-wall radio frequency welds, this hip-oriented all-star features angler-driven considerations such as stretch-mesh storage pockets, exterior lash points, and built-in easy-access tool storage. Minimalist, streamlined design elements include a roll-up strap retainer that nixes line catchers on all excess adjustment straps. And comfortable, haul-all kinetics come in the form of a no-sweat cushioned waistband with breathable, water-resistant foam.

Fully waterproof welded constuction with submerisible TIZIP® zipper to give you full access ot your gear
Interior stretch mesh storage pockets, exterior lash points and built-in easy-access tool storag
Fully cushioned waist band with breathable, water-resistant foam
Bomber 840 D TPU fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and punctures
Roll-up strap retainer reduces line catchers on all excess adjustment straps

FABRIC TECH: Waterproof 840 D TPU coated fabric
CAPACITY: 8 L, 488.19 cu. in.
DIMENSIONS: 13" x 8" x 5.5"
SIZES: One Size

TAGS:Fishing Packs

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