Simms G4 Cap Gunmetal

Simms G4 Cap Gunmetal

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Simms G4 Cap Gunmetal

One hat to rule torrential days on the water, this tech-laced lid features seam-taped 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric, with a Nylon face, for absolute waterproof, breathable performance. A removable leash provides catch-and-retrieve options on windy days, while the plastic buckle closure ensures a secure, comfortable fit for all sizes.

Waterproof, breathable, fully seam-taped cap for rainy days on the water
Removable lid leash
Plastic buckle closure at the back

FABRIC TECH:3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric with 100% Nylon face
SIZES: One size fits most

TAGS: Fishing Hats, Fishing Caps, Fish Hat


The GORE-TEX® membrane is the heart of all GORE -TEX® products. The GORE-TEX® membrane contains 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch. These pores are so small that water droplets cannot get through but water vapor can still escape. Water from the outside cannot penetrate and cold winds cannot pass through, but perspiration can escape easily, keeping you dry and comfortable all day. GORE-TEX® fabrics are created by integrating the GORE-TEX® membrane between an outer fabric and lining.

GORE-TEX® Outerwear Care:

Cleaning your GORE-TEX® garments regularly will extend the life of the product. It will also keep them breathable as dirt and oil can clog the GORE-TEX® membrane over time.

It is critical to wash jackets. Natural oils can damage the GORE-TEX® tape and adhesives causing a peeling effect.

Machine wash warm. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Remember to zip all pockets and close all Velcro cuffs before washing to prevent any damage caused by the machine.

Tumble dry on warm setting making sure not to use a high heat setting. Drying on warm will actually reactivate the DWR coating.

Material: 100% Nylon

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