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Simms Rivertek BOA Boot Felt

Simms Rivertek BOA Boot Felt


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Simms Rivertek BOA Boot Felt

Lightweight, long-distance chargers with on-demand fit--in Felt
Simms' Rivertek(TM) 2 Boa® Felt marches into the flow with the proven Boa® closure system that empowers anglers via precision, on-demand fit. Underfoot, the boot's StreamTread(TM) platform bolsters support and traction, while the upper architecture features a rugged and waterproof synthetic leather coupled with TPU skid plates located in high-wear areas. Additional angler benefits include partially lined neoprene internals that bolster warmth, cushioning, and easy-on/off capabilities.

A wading boot with a tuned combination of reliability, performance & quick adjustment
Simm's StreamTread(TM) platform for heavy-duty wading performance, support & traction
Waterproof synthetic leather, TPU & scratch rubber upper with a Boa® closure system for a precision, on-demand fit
New molded TPU skid plates located in high-wear areas for added durability & protection
Partially-lined with neoprene for warmth, cushioning & easy-on/off

MATERIAL TECH: Waterproof synthetic leather, molded TPU & scratch rubber upper; StreamTread(TM) platform/12mm Felt outsole
APPROX. PAIR WEIGHT (size 10): 67.6 oz
SIZES: 7-14, whole sizes, EEE width


CleanStream(TM) is a design philosophy that runs through our line of wading footwear. While not specific to a product feature, this designation does indicate that the product includes features and/or materials that are more resistant to "hitch-hiking" organisms - have less exposed stitching, fewer ridges & pockets and utilize non-absorbent materials - all making the boots easier to inspect, clean and dry faster. All of these elements assist anglers in doing their part to prevent the spread of invasive species. For more information, please visit our CleanStream(TM) page or these organizations: www.cleanangling.org, www.protectyourwaters.net or www.tu.org.

Footwear Care:

For proper cleaning of your footwear to descrease the likelihood of spreading Aquatic Invasive Species, please reference our CleanStream(TM) page.

If using in saltwater always clean and rinse to prevent corrosion.

Use a brush to remove dust and dirt. Choose an old vegetable brush or toothbrush. For maximum thoroughness, remove laces prior to cleaning. Use specialized boot cleaner, saddle soap or maybe a mild dishwashing soap with luke-warm water.

Do not use bar soap or detergents.

Do not place wet boots close to a heat source (fireplace, campfire, wood stove, radiator, heater, sunny windowsill) as this can weaken adhesives and cause materials to become brittle or shrink.

Dry using natural methods (air dry) and try to keep them out of the sun for long periods of time. Boots dry faster when positioned upside-down. If desired, stuff a sheet or two of newspaper into each boot to absorb moisture. Change the paper each hour.

If you see any mold on your boots, brush in a mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar.

Over time the use of leather conditioners may provide increased water repellency and can prevent cracking and drying of the leather.

Store footwear in a place where temperatures are stable and normal. Do not store footwear in attics, garages, car trunks or any unventilated spaces.

Never put footwear in washing machine.

Material: 100% Polyurethan

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Art-Nr.: 9702001

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% reduziert % Simms Rivertek BOA BootSimms Rivertek BOA Boot
ab 166,95 EUR
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Simms Rivertek BOA Boot

Art-Nr.: 10929-SIMWA

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Simms Vapor Boot CharcoalSimms Vapor Boot Charcoal
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Simms Vapor Boot Charcoal

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Simms BOA Field Repair Kit

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Simms Zipit Bootie II

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SIMMS Replacement LacesSIMMS Replacement Laces
9,95 EUR
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SIMMS Replacement Laces

Art-Nr.: SL20400

% reduziert % SIMMS Guide Boot FeltSIMMS Guide Boot Felt
ab 153,95 EUR
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SIMMS Guide Boot Felt

Art-Nr.: SGB10800

Behr Neopren WatschuheBehr Neopren Watschuhe
ab 49,95 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand

Behr Neopren Watschuhe

Art-Nr.: 65 609

% reduziert % Simms Rivertek BOA WatschuhSimms Rivertek BOA Watschuh
ab 147,95 EUR
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Simms Rivertek BOA Watschuh

Art-Nr.: SVOAP000

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