Greys Prodigy Landing Net 106cm

Greys Prodigy Landing Net 106cm

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MSRP: 174,90燛UR
124,35燛UR incl. 19% Tax incl. shipping costs  

Greys Prodigy Landing Net 106cm

The prodigy 42" landing net has a slim and lightweight 6ft handle that is super stiff thanks to the high modulus carbon construction. It features full 3K woven carbon and our Carbon Armour(TM) blank finish. Stainless steel spreader block and arm ends are built to last and allow quick dis assembly. The green woven net mesh is reinforced for extra durability and has a handy mesh retaining loop. At a medium depth the net is perfect for holding fish in the margins whilst still being maneuverable through the water. The sleek understated graphics are complimented by a slim shrink wrap handle and laser engraved stainless end cap.

Slim lightweight 6' (1.8m) one piece carbon handle
Carbon Armour(TM) handle finish with full 3k woven construction
Super strong stainless steel spreader block
Medium depth (1m) soft green mesh - reinforced in key areas for increased strength
Comfortable shrink rubber handle
Laser engraved stainless end cap

Prologic NetfloatPrologic Netfloat
MSRP: 11,90燛UR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

Prologic Netfloat

Model: S38388

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MSRP: 88,95燛UR
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Model: 1378156

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incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs
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MSRP: 79,90燛UR
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

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