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RHINO BLACK CAT Godzilla Tripod

RHINO BLACK CAT Godzilla Tripod

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RHINO BLACK CAT Godzilla Tripod

RHINO BLACK CAT Godzilla Tripod

It took Stefan Seuß and his team more than twelve months to get this special pod for big-game fishing just right. The pod can be set up to hold rods securely at an enormous height (over 250cm) and allows the angler to hold lines out of the water over extreme distances, especially when river fishing, guaranteeing perfect contact with the bait. The Pod Deluxe can be fixed on muddy and sandy ground as special locking pins keep the legs from sinking or slipping. The pod can also be used on concrete surfaces, with weights attached to a hook in the middle of the tripod ensuring a firm footing. The rod butt ends are held securely in aluminum sleeves, keeping the rods in place when a catfish takes the bait violently.
Special bite indicator fittings allow usage of all common models and are fixed to an especially warp resistant and extremely strong power bar.
The rod fittings are adjustable in height on the slide bar to accommodate any rod length

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eKomi Review from on 22/11/2017

Robustes Dreibein, wie in der Beschreibung geschrieben.

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