Loon Line Cleaning Tool

Loon Line Cleaning Tool

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Loon Line Cleaning Tool

This is the Tool for the Scandinavian Fly Line Cleaner

use the tool with:

Designed for fly fishermen in Scandinavia, Scandinavian Fly Line Cleaner is the ultimate in fly line cleaning and dressing. Simply add a few drops to Loon's Line Cleaning Tool, apply to line and watch casting distance increase. Not intended for sinking lines.
Cleans fly line instantly
Contains advanced lubricants for better casting
Increase line floatation

Directions for use:
Apply desired amount to Line Cleaning Tool. Use Line Cleaning Tool to apply to entire fly line. Buff line to remove excess.

SCIERRA Line Speed 15mlSCIERRA Line Speed 15ml
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13,45 EUR
incl. 19% T.V.A. plus Expédition
Prix fondamental: 0,90 EUR / ml

SCIERRA Line Speed 15ml

Numéro du produit: S28148

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Loon Scandinavian Line CleanerLoon Scandinavian Line Cleaner
9,95 EUR
incl. 19% T.V.A. plus Expédition

Loon Scandinavian Line Cleaner

Numéro du produit: F0116

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Numéro du produit: F0021

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7,95 EUR
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