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Simms Acklin Jacket Night Shade

Simms Acklin Jacket Night Shade


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Simms Acklin Jacket Night Shade

Bonefish roam from French Polynesia to the Bahamian fringes and beyond--and so should you. When it's time to take flight, pack light and stay bone dry in Simms' Acklins Jacket, featuring 3-layer GORE-TEX® Shell fabric with a rugged, rip-stop 20-denier face. Full-length pit-zips dump unwanted heat while doubling as stash pockets. The 3-point cinch storm hood with drop collar construction is fully customizable. And articulated sleeves and a fitted design maximize mobility for all-day casting comfort.


New fit designed for warm weather, less layering & improved mobility
3-point cinch storm hood with drop collar construction, extended length mesh-lined hand pockets with 2 way zipper for easy access, venting & low profile bellow zippered chest pocket
YKK® AquaGuard® VT10 CF lightweight/ flexible zipper with interior storm flap for added protection
Articulated sleeves with VELCRO® cuff closure & adjustable bottom hem with kill switch d-rings

FABRIC TECH: 3-layer GORE-TEX® Shell 100% Nylon 20 Denier ripstop face & tricot backer; 100% Polyester mesh lining pockets & vents
APPROX. WEIGHT: 16 oz/ 454 g
SIZES: S - 2XL, click the Size Chart tab above for measurements

TAGS: Simms Acklins Jacket, Fishing Jackets, Wading Jackets, Rain Gear


GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL outerwear is waterproof, exceptionally lightweight and offers the ultimate in breathability, durability and extended comfort. Constructed with a woven backer, GORE-TEX® Pro Shell garments slide easily over other layers and offer exceptional tear strength and internal abrasion-resistance.

The AquaGuard® VISLON® zipper is a revolutionary new design from the global leader in containment closures. The AquaGuard® VISLON® zipper's new tooth design provides enhanced fluid repellency vs. coil or standard individual element closures, while increasing the number of design and color options for your application.

GORE-TEX® Outerwear Care:

Cleaning your GORE-TEX® garments regularly will extend the life of the product. It will also keep them breathable as dirt and oil can clog the GORE-TEX® membrane over time.

It is critical to wash jackets. Natural oils can damage the GORE-TEX® tape and adhesives causing a peeling effect.

Machine wash warm. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Remember to zip all pockets and close all Velcro cuffs before washing to prevent any damage caused by the machine.

Tumble dry on warm setting making sure not to use a high heat setting. Drying on warm will actually reactivate the DWR coating.

Material: 100% Nylon

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Fox Chunk 10K Hydro Jacket


% reduziert % Simms Fall Run Jacket BlackSimms Fall Run Jacket Black
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Simms Fall Run Jacket Black

Art-Nr.: 10674-0-SIMWA

Simms Kinetic Jacket Army GreenSimms Kinetic Jacket Army Green
ab 299,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. inkl. Versand

Simms Kinetic Jacket Army Green

Art-Nr.: 10673-3-SIMWA

Simms Bulkley Jacket BlackSimms Bulkley Jacket Black
ab 549,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. inkl. Versand

Simms Bulkley Jacket Black

Art-Nr.: 10909-0-SIMWA

Simms Bulkley Jacket ConcreteSimms Bulkley Jacket Concrete
ab 549,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. inkl. Versand

Simms Bulkley Jacket Concrete

Art-Nr.: 10909-04-SIMWA

% reduziert % Simms Acklins Jacket CitronSimms Acklins Jacket Citron
ab 224,95 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. inkl. Versand

Simms Acklins Jacket Citron

Art-Nr.: 10472-3-SIMWA

ab 114,65 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. inkl. Versand



QUANTUM Outdoor JackeQUANTUM Outdoor Jacke
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QUANTUM Outdoor Jacke


BROWNING Xi-Dry WR 10 JackeBROWNING Xi-Dry WR 10 Jacke
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BROWNING Xi-Dry WR 10 Jacke


% reduziert % Simms Hyalite Rain Shell ClaySimms Hyalite Rain Shell Clay
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Simms Hyalite Rain Shell Clay

Art-Nr.: 10321-81-SIMWA

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