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Simms Headwaters Convertible Sage

Simms Headwaters Convertible Sage


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Simms Headwaters Convertible Sage

Optimized for absolute functionality across rivers of opportunity, Simms' Headwaters Convertible delivers top up--or down--performance depending on your fishing preferences. Wade aggressively, for instance, by taking advantage of chest-high capabilities, then cash in on waist-high comfort via an intuitive extension system for seamless conversions. Additional features include the easy-breathing benefits of a GORE-TEX® 3-layer Pro Shell build, combined with the mobility and abrasion stymieing skills of front leg-seam construction. A new waistband with integrated belt loops houses a best-in-class 2-inch elastic belt, featuring Simms' Trout buckle for added style points.

Lightweight: GORE-TEX® 3-Layer fabric
GORE-TEX® reinforced fabric in front leg panel for added durability
NEW convertible upper with innovative extension system at waist allows easy conversion from pant to chest high wader
NEW waistband construction with integrated belt loops and high-quality 2" elastic belt featuring Simms Trout buckle
Front leg seam construction to help eliminate inseam abrasion issues
Abrasion-resistant material for more durable built-in gravel guards
Available 3/1/2014

FABRIC TECH: 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Technology
APPROX. WEIGHT: 41 oz/1162 g
SIZES: S, M, MS, MK, ML, L(9-11), L(12-13), LS, LK, LL(9-11), LL(12-13), XL, XLS, XLK, XXL
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GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL outerwear is waterproof, exceptionally lightweight and offers the ultimate in breathability, durability and extended comfort. Constructed with a woven backer, GORE-TEX® Pro Shell garments slide easily over other layers and offer exceptional tear strength and internal abrasion-resistance.

Proudly made in the United States of America. Click here to see more of Simms USA-made products.

Little Parts from the YKK® Fastening Products Group create The Big Difference for our customers -- fastening solutions intelligently integrated with the finished product to provide the highest quality, most durable gear. The Little Parts -- zippers, metal buttons and snaps, and Nylon buckles -- all earn the YKK® brand. The Big Difference begins with their obsession to ensure that every individual component renders maximum value to the finished whole. That commitment instills quality and value into every product. Simms utilizes fasteners built to withstand the harshest environments and YKK® provides the best solutions to meet those needs. All Simms outerwear features nylon YKK® zippers to minimize corrosion and provide high performing, durable wear. www.ykkamerica.com.

GORE-TEX® Wader Care:

The #1 tip to prolonging the life of a wader is drying your waders. It is important to dry your waders out after each use. We recommend drying the inside first (if damp) and then the outside. When drying the outside you can pull your gravel guards up until the feet are dry and then flip them down to dry the rest of the wader

Washing - Use a front load machine or hand wash. Use cold water and normal detergent that does not contain bleach. Once you have washed the waders make sure you dry them properly start by drying the inside first. Never put your waders in the dryer, the heat will adversely affect the seam tape on your waders and will void your warranty.

Fit - We offer more sizes than anyone, a good fit goes a long way to extending the life of your wader. Make it clear that people should use their exact measurements as we have already provided extra room for layering and movement.

General Care - Do not store inside your car for long periods of time excess heat will damage your waders.

Use A Mat - Always put your waders on using a protective mat to shield the neoprene feet from rocks. The Headwaters gear bag for example has a pull out mat that works great for this.

Proper Layering - Do not wear jeans under your waders. Jeans are highly abrasive wearing on your waders from the inside out. More importantly jeans and sweatpants do not transfer moisture away from the body. Use proper layering (to view our layering collection, go here). Using layers such as these will help wick moisture away from your body and assist in the waders ability to breathe.

Stains - most stain removers will work fine on our waders. As long as the stain remover does not contain bleach you should be o.k.

100% Polyester (Membran: 100% Polytetrafluorethylen (ePTFE))

Hodgman H3 Stocking FootHodgman H3 Stocking Foot
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Hodgman H3 Stocking Foot


Hodgman H4 Stocking FootHodgman H4 Stocking Foot
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Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot


% reduziert % R.T. Deluxe Wading Belt One SizeR.T. Deluxe Wading Belt One Size
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Scierra W Seam Stocking Foot WaderScierra W Seam Stocking Foot Wader
ab 217,85 EUR
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Scierra W Seam Stocking Foot Wader

Art-Nr.: SCI-194-AWAGMAT

DAM Exquisite G2 Breathable WaderDAM Exquisite G2 Breathable Wader
ab 129,55 EUR
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DAM Exquisite G2 Breathable Wader


% reduziert % Jenzi Watgürtel Länge 150cmJenzi Watgürtel Länge 150cm
Unser alter Preis: 10,90 EUR
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Jenzi Watgürtel Länge 150cm

Art-Nr.: ZI-8978009

Simms Kids StockingfootSimms Kids Stockingfoot
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Simms Kids Stockingfoot

Art-Nr.: WCY10-SIMWA

Simms Freestone Pant SmokeSimms Freestone Pant Smoke
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Simms Freestone Pant Smoke

Art-Nr.: 10821-SIMWA

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